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You can depend on Prestige Veteran Medical Consulting to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive Independent Medical Opinions with unparalleled attention to detail and the most up to date medical evidence.

Medical Record Review

$200 (one-time fee)

A highly skilled expert will review your health records, such as military treatment records, VA medical records, and private health records to determine if there is sufficient evidence to support a positive medical opinion.

The records review is a comprehensive review with no limit on the number of conditions examined. You can come back for additional reviews at no cost.

Doctor with Files

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Independent Medical Opinion

$600 per letter

If sufficient evidence is presented, an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO), or Nexus Letter, will be prepared by an expert; outlining the history and nature of the injury or illness, and will include specific scientific research to support the statements. 

Writing on Tablet

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Rush Option
$200 per letter

Need your IMO quickly? You can have it expedited! Just let us know that you are interested in the rush option. We can get your IMO back to you within 48 hours. Letters needed under 24 hours may have additional fees. 

Doctor with Computer

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Disability Benefit Questionnaires 
$150 per DBQ

 We will assist with a selection of DBQ's based upon records review.  Note: not all DBQ's can be conducted in this manner, inquire today for more information. 

Doctor's Desk

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